Necessity of Surge Protector

2022-11-01 13:53:23

In the analog era, there was no big problem if only high-pressure lightning arresters (LA, SA) were installed. However, as we enter the digital age, many parts are replaced by semiconductors, which are sensitive to 'surge' caused by lightning, lightning, power system accidents, or switch operation of electrical devices, and fluctuations in adjacent loads, and are always exposed to the risk of malfunction or damage.

High-pressure lightning arresters can no longer protect digital devices. In the digital age, low pressure surge protector (SPD) is a device that must be installed, not an option.

Damage to surges cannot be prevented only by existing lightning equipment. Digital devices cannot be protected only by lightning rods, low lead wires, and low-resistance ground systems. Damage from guided lightning through ground and surge caused by current and induction (EMI) when lightning current passes through the cutoff line cause direct damage to digital devices and programs. Surges caused by surges, power grid accidents, etc. that occur when the ON/OFF switch is operated cause failures and damage to the automatic control system.

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