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What is SURGE?

Surge, commonly referred to as impulse, spike, noise, etc

Appears and disappears for a very short period of time (ns~μs)

It refers to an electrical perturbation phenomenon of high voltage high current.


Resistance coupling

When lightning strikes the ground, the ground potential rises momentarily. Buildings (A) and (B) adjacent to the thunderhead point are connected to power and signal cables, and the difference in distance from the thunderhead causes a difference in ground potential between the ground connected to (A) and (B). This causes surges through power or signal cables connected from (A) to (B).


Electrostatic coupling

There is a capacitance between two adjacent conductors (surge-flowing conductor (A) and adjacent conductor (B), and surge voltage with a high voltage rise (dv/dt) in the conductor (A) results in surge conduction between the two conductors.


Inductive coupling

When lightning strikes the lightning rod, the lightning current (IL) is released to the ground via the cut conductor. At this time, induced electromotive force (surge) is generated by surge current in conductors such as power sources and signal cables inside the building.

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